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Hi there!

Past:  Theater (places like NYC & the Brown

                      University/Trinity Rep MFA Acting Program)

Present:  TV, film, commercials, sketch, silliness on the web,

                      & theater (here in LA)

Future:  Hire me & we'll find out?



*Last year's Dickie Awards video (my annual Oscar parody) was the best one yet!  And featured an accompanying parody of the Nicole Kidman AMC promo :)

*I'm helping navigate post-production on a Moldovan ensemble political dramedy feature, in which I play a Cambridge Analytica-type political consultant hired to help prevent a revolution... (I'm the lead of the English-language sub-plot!)  Wish us luck as we target the international festival circuit soon...

I wrote, co-produced, and starred in a short film that's hitting festivals now!  Check out the page for it by clicking this poster! :)

The Perfect First Date POSTER.heic

Hope you enjoy the site. Peruse as you choose, and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or... jobs! :)

All my best,

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