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Hi there!

Past:  Theater (places like NYC & the Brown

                      University/Trinity Rep MFA Acting Program)

Present:  TV, film, commercials, sketch, silliness on the web,

                      & theater (here in LA)

Future:  Hire me & we'll find out?



*This year's Dickie Awards video (my annual Oscar parody) got 85k views!  (Though last year's was my best yet, and also enjoy last year's accompanying parody of the Nicole Kidman AMC promo :)

*I'm helping navigate post-production on a Moldovan ensemble political dramedy feature, in which I play a Cambridge Analytica-type political consultant hired to help prevent a revolution... (I'm the lead of the English-language sub-plot!)  Wish us luck as we target the international festival circuit soon...

I wrote, co-produced, and starred in a short film that's hitting festivals now!  Check out the page for it by clicking this poster! :)
(We've been in 9 film festivals, nominated for awards in 7 of those, and won in 6, including Best Actor in a Short Film - yours truly - at the Austin Revolution Film Festival!!  Laurels on the short's page)

Hope you enjoy the site. Peruse as you choose, and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or... jobs! :)

All my best,

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