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ABout Me

An Outdoorsy New England Boy Who Loves Games and Math

Tommy hails from Weston, MA and considers himself an outdoorsy New England boy. He played for the Dartmouth Ultimate (frisbee) team, has traveled to & hiked in many foreign countries, and has extensive camping experience. He's also a Math, Physics & SAT tutor, and enjoys a good logic mind-teaser.

Tommy majored in Theater at Dartmouth College, after which he spent 4 tiring but fun years in New York, tutoring to support his acting adventures which included some student & indie films on top of many plays of various levels of experimentation & quality. After that he decided to become the best actor he could be by going to Brown/Trinity Rep's MFA Acting program, where he spent 3 years sinking his teeth in deep with some phenomenal faculty and peers, until graduting in May 2012 and moving to Los Angeles with TV & film pursuits/hopes.

Tommy is also overwhelmingly obsessed with movies. He remembers the release dates of most movies since May 1995. He's obsessed with the Oscars and can tell you who was nominated in each acting category and for best picture in each year since 1995 (yes, 14 was a prime age for him...) He also blows the critics away with his annual Oscar Predictions, found at

Tommy Dickie is a warm, fun-loving energy-- a delightful addition to any cast or social gathering :)

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