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Other Fun Stuff:

*In 2016, my friend Dawn Bower and I won $10k on the game show IDIOTEST!  Here's the full ep, and here's a 4-minute highlight reel of my best moments :) 

*Here's a short film I co-wrote-, co-produced & star in, called My Boyfriend Who Looks Gay in Pictures - it's a hoot, check it out!

*My friends & I made a short for 4/20 (in 2017) called The Pot-eteers, featuring the toking versions of the Planeteers :)

*A series of BuzzFeed videos I did:

     -> Drama Teachers Share Horror Stories
     -> Drama Teachers play Never Have I Ever

     -> Drama Teachers Recreate Iconic Scenes
     -> Drama Teachers Play Charades

*My annual Dickie Awards:

"One overzealous movie-lover recreates 25 clips from his favorite movies of the year (usually with a twist), in celebration of who HE thinks should be nominated & win for the Oscars..."

     -> 2015

     -> 2016

     -> 2017

     -> 2018

     -> 2019 (& KTLA had me on for a live on-air interview for the 2019 Dickies, in Feb 2020!)

     -> 2020
     -> 2021 (& my parody of the infamous Nicole Kidman AMC promo)

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