Hi there!

Past:  Theater (places like NYC & the Brown

                      University/Trinity Rep MFA Acting Program)

Present:  TV, film, commercials, sketch, silliness on the web,

                      & starting to get back to theater a bit (here in LA)

Future:  Hire me & we'll find out?



*Recently shot a Co-Star as a gay dad on Nickelodeon's new Henry Danger spinoff Danger Force - it's now leading my new comedic reel!

*I have a supporting role in a Justin Long feature called The Wave!  It had a limited theatrical release  last winter, and is available for rent on Amazon!  It's a super fun movie, and an amazing scene.  (Now the third clip in my new dramatic reel)

*In 2019, I played a lead in an ensemble political dramedy feature in Moldova!  I played a Cambridge Analytica-type political consultant hired to help prevent a revolution... It was a magical experience, and I'm eager for the post to finally finish (it's close!) & festival circuit to yield magic.

*This past winter's annual Dickie Awards - a bonkers celebration of 2020's year in film in which I recreate clips from my favorites of the year, which has been written up on The Advocate numerous times in the past and landed me on KTLA - was tighter than ever, clocking in at under 3 minutes.

...Take a look, and buckle up :)


Hope you enjoy the site. Peruse as you choose, and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or... jobs! :)

All my best,